Quality Assurance

Airlite is a leading service provider in both the Retail and Commercial Cleaning sectors as well as experienced in provision of diversified services for Industrial and Educational facilities.

With a strong focus on staff training, selection, placement and management, our Operations team ensures that day to day services are completed on time and to the standards expected.

Airlite Maintenance Services, in conjunction with our Special Projects Division, provide commercial maintenance, disaster recovery and other specialist services.

Airlite Maintenance Services is on call 24 hours a day to provide immediate assistance with emergency repairs and requirements.

Airlite Special Projects Operators are trained and experienced professionals. Our team of fully equipped, GPS monitored mobile operators is specially trained to undertake a range of specialist works.

Each operator holds National Police Clearances and industry White Cards and carries the appropriate PPE necessary for the safe completion of works.

Our team of hygiene professionals complete routine servicing to all facets of industry including commercial, retail, industrial and educational facilities.

Providing a discreet level of service with a professional demeanour, our operators undertake regular servicing on weekly, fortnightly, monthly and six weekly frequencies, depending upon site specific requirements.