Thank Your Cleaner Day 2018

Today represents International Thank Your Cleaner Day.

Several morning tea’s have been held across the country and it’s so lovely to see our clients and tenants joining us on this occasion.

Cleaners come from all walks of life. Some work part-time while they study, others put in long hours in the evenings to allow them to act as caregivers during the day. Many have lived in Australia their whole lives, others have arrived more recently looking for a new start. All of them work hard and deserve a hearty ‘well-done’ for their efforts.

Everything that Airlite Group and Millennium Services Group Limited do, at every level, involves our people – our staff are the engine of our business, the ambassadors of our Company and are the key reason for our success in creating a reputation for delivering service excellence and maintaining great client relationships, Thank you.

#Thankyourcleanerday #teamwork